Bank Street Auto has award winning mechanical specialists for all of your vehicle’s maintenance and automotive service needs.

Bank Street Auto Mechanical Service
Bank Street Auto Mechanical Service

Mechanical Services

Most common vehicle maintenance services include:

  • New York State Inspection
  • Antilock Brake Service
  • Tune Ups
  • Tire and Custom Wheels
  • Air Conditioning Service (cars, trucks, and RV’s)
  • Struts and Shocks
  • Engines and Transmissions
  • Computerized Engine Diagnosis

When to call for Vehicle Service

Sometimes your vehicle needs mechanical work performed, but you might not know the issue.

Below are 3 vehicle symptoms you should be aware of and call an automotive repair shop immediately if either are occurring to your vehicle:

  1. Shaky Steering Wheel
  2. Check Engine Light On
  3. Inspection Overdue

If the above symptoms are occurring to your vehicle, contact Bank Street Auto to schedule an appointment.

Broken Windshield?

We replace windshields with no aggravation to you because we deal directly with your insurance company.  Bank Street Auto works with all major Automotive Insurance companies. Contact Bank Street Auto to schedule an appointment to replace your broken windshield.

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